• Hi! We are still here, but the last two years have been terrible. We sincerely hope that it is now over. It suffices with Youschi dying in September.

  • A normal update, another 25 pictures starting from Christmas and onwards.

  • Oops, we found some more photos from the last half year. So we updated the last two pages starting at 2014-07-17. All in all 27 new pictures at the dates; 17/7, 23-27/7, 27/7, 1/8, 3/9, 13/9, 3-5/10 and 11/10.

  • Hmm, it is almost on the day one year since last time we did a decent update, 2014 was the year we got behind schedule, way behind. The bad thing about getting behind, is the enormous backlog you end up with and must take care of. So in one go, here you have 2014, 134 pictures...

  • Yikes, finally we are back after an extremely long hiatus. At least to some extent when we today has updated our blog until last of December last year, October - December 2013. Please bear with us, this year has (once more) been busy, but when the autumn and winter arrive, we think there will be more time to update our web page.

  • Happy New Year!
  • After fifteen years of digital photography, you will now find what camears we have used a bit down at About us.

  • Spring was all about refurbishing one house, autumn about building another and to be done before snow starts to fall. We had just enough time being done last week... After the link you will find 51 pictures of what we have been up to during July - September 2013. With hope for a better 2014, //The big ones.

  • We have spent most of our time with refurbishing our house so not much else has happened. After the link you will find 25 pictures of what we have been up to during April - June 2013.

  • Winter is a boooring time with few things happening.
  • 44 pictures since last time can now be seen at October - December 2012 and onward.

  • Hi, it's only us! We are still around, but between us, never buy a house having aspirations about it and at the same time try to keep a webpage updated. That is simply not possible :o( As you will see from the pictures, there have been many long days.
  • 82 pictures since last time can now be seen at July - September 2012 and onward.

  • It is soon time for holidays, but we managed to finish the project for the birds in time.
  • 21 pictures since last time can now be seen at April - June 2012 and onward.

  • Still lots of things to take care of... Nevertheless do we have some plans for the birds.
  • 37 pictures since last time are now on display at, January - March 2012 and onward.

  • Happy New Year! Life on the countryside continues with a full agenda.
  • 29 pictures since last time are now on display at, October - December 2011 and onward.

  • Hi all! Slowly the move to a house on the countryside is about to reach normality... The physical move was only the beginning of this venture that finally easy up in time for the holidays.
  • 36 pictures since last time are now on display at, July - September 2011 and onward.

  • 24 pictures from our summer holiday, July - September 2011.
  • We are moving! See you on the other side of this venture!

  • 44 pictures that account for this spring and early summer's adventures, January - March 2011.
  • Once more we are out of time, we are about to move!

  • Once more, there is no time for the page. Stay tuned, updates will come.

  • Let's face it, we will never in the foreseeable future translate our articles into English. Therefore we have done som changes...
  • Removed the entry Health from the menu when there currently are no articles translated to English, you have to read them in Swedish or use Google Translate.
  • Removed the entry 'Friends' from the menu and put the pictures from 'Friends' beneath 'Pictures' and the article about a trip to Southern Sweden 2004 to 'Articles'
  • Removed all entries beneath Articles that were not in English, once again, use Google Translate if you are eager to read them.

  • Happy New Year! We haven't forgotten you, but it took time to sort out all pictures and prepare them for publishing. Nevertheless, here comes a major update...
  • The trip to Tenerife and the bird park Loro Parque and Loro Parque Foundation became a story about the birds on Tenerife with 137 pictures that you will find beneath Articles.
  • Also the Diary is updated until early February with 67 pictures Diary July - September 2010.

  • 27 pictures from August and the greater part of September, July - September 2010. Now we are almost on track, the final part will nevertheless be cumbersome when we took more than 5000 pictures (sic) during the last part of September. More about that in a later update.

  • As earlier announced, here is what we did during July. In all, 17 new pictures at July - September 2010. Expect next update to be in a week or two.

  • Where did the summer go? This has been a busy period and the webpage hit the bottom of the to-do list. We will soon update it again and probably do it month by month. Excpect a new update about July within a week or two, until then you will find a few new pictures for the last part of June at April - June 2010.

  • Many things have happened since last update. 54 new pictures are now published at April - June 2010.

  • Finally spring has arrived, this is what we have done since last update January - March 2010, until today.

  • Morran has had her first movie session.
  • A new book is added to the list, one about about bird anatomy and physiology called Clinical Anatomy and Physiology of Exotic Species.

  • Let's go to the movies! We have created a page at Youtube, but you can also watch them here at Movie. Right now it's Gruff excentric, be patient, over time you will see them all.

  • Soon the Christmas season is here, until then, here are 21 pictures from the autumn starting July - September 2009.

  • Longe time no see, its been a busy summer, finally the diary is updated with 53 new pictures, starting at April - June 2009.
  • Also a new tip how to protect your home is now published at Articles\Tips and Tricks.

  • Think it is about time I write something here... Obviously, the page is alive and updated regularly in some areas. The big obstacle is to get time for the articles, until then our diary is updated at the same time as the Swedish version. For the rest you have to cope with Google translate…

  • The work to translate the site to English started. This will take a lot of time...

  • The work to translate the site to English started. This will take a lot of time...

  • The domain www.youschi.se was activated and redirected to http://members.chello.se/youschi

  • www.youschi.se started.