(7-5/7) Vacation starts with a trip to the summer house, as if we should bother about vacation.

Still, it is always fun to move around and maybe the big ones are slightly more relaxed.

(13/7) This was a nice and big aviary! Wonder what's lurking down in the grass?

Hmm, mostly green stuff...

...and over here? Think I heard something...


...What is that?! Its wings seem to be in a bad shape, can it fly?

(15/7) Enok and his friend Elvira.

(16/7) A male Red-backed Shrike in front of our house.

He was busy feeding his chick.

(25-28/7) Another few days at the summerhouse. This time our neighbours had their cat running loose, so Victoria had to sit in the old cage.

(3/8) A young Robin.

(6/8) This Southern Hawker patrolled our pool for some weeks. The blue spots indicate that this species is a male.

(30/8-1/9) Victoria having a shower at the summer house.

Bring it on!

(13/9) Life on the countryside, cows strolling by when you are having dinner outside.

(12-20/9) So it's time for the annual dive trip to Norway. During evening or night dives you can find this squid swimming in mid-water.

If you watch closely, it is not big...

This offshore species called Mauve Stinger is seldom seen. It is beautiful and glows in the dark but its sting is painful and can cause severe burn marks on skin.

The angler (Lophius piscatorius) is a beautiful fish. A fact only visible when at sea and not at fish market.

The White-tailed Eagle is fairly common in Norway and always a majestic sight.

Herons are everywhere and quite often their long neck and legs results in a funny looking posture.

Gannet, a huge sea living bird almost never seen close to shore. Its body is up to a meter long and its wingspan close to 1.8 meter. We got the chance to see this lovely bird when going more than ten nautical miles of the shore.

(22/9) Summer is over even if there still are warm evenings with cows eating outside the kitchen window.

The journey continues over October - December.