(11/4) The European Goldfinch is probably thinking the same as we, where is the spring?

(12/4) Maybe here? This is the first morning when the temperature is above zero. By a close cut though...

(16/4) Obviously the thermometer was correct, on time arrives the White Wagtail!

Look at the Roe deer's fur. Here you can clearly see how thick the winter fur was.

(1/5) Winter fur? Spring? Don't know what you're talking about! I'm busy examining the lower part of my habitat.

You are actually disturbing us! Go away and bother someone else with that camera!

(8/5) Believe it or not, but today has been on the Internet for ten years!!!

Then the net looked quite different and no one knew about Web 2.0. Think most of you relate the concept to what it actually is, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and all other sites related to social media. Most popular parrot pages from that time are since long gone or has not been updated for long. We think very few of the new ones will survive for long. The strength of social media sites is present time, not the past when most of that drowns in the noise created by so many interacting. Blogs might be something, but so far no one has kept one running for long. Maybe our tab 'Events' can be called a blog...

Today consists of 2100 pictures distributed over 185 pages and among them 49 articles. We have no plans to stop even if we have been lousy at updating the page. Never buy a house if you plan to spend your life updating a webpage on a weekly basis!

One day we hope that our house is more up to date with what we want and then, if not sooner, new articles will be published. We have several on the way, don't know when they might be published though, and ideas for even more.

(9-12/5) Premiere for the summer house! Is everything in order?

What about the ground? Seems to need more sun and warmth when not much is growing...

And as always, it's tiresome being out, healthy they say :o)

(24-26/5) So why is the Common Crane, the...

...Eurasian Curlew and the...

...Western Marsh Harrier so busy and flying around all the time?

This, chicks of White Wagtail and all other youngsters need food and protection.

(28/5) Manne is doing his best to minimize this tree stump. He has plenty of time when they are out in the aviary almost every day when we are at home.

(29/5) Things you see from your kitchen window, a Crane.

(30/5) Say cheese, can you find all of us?

(16-17/6) Fia has after fourteen years confirmed our beliefs that she is a hen. The first egg crash landed on the cage bottom, but the second was saved by the soft bottom material.

We hope it won't be more of that when it was not easy for her to lay them. Youschi luckily didn't do his part when they are of different spices.

(20-23/6) Hey, Gruff get out from the corner cabinet!!!

Talking to me?

Wonder how long that root will survive without its bark?

Summer, finally!

(29/6) A day by the pool...

You wish, safety first! This is what the birds met. Thank you Photoshop!

(30/6) European Pied Flycatcher, the next day they had left the birdhouse.

The journey continues over July - September!