(5-13/7) So..., where were we? Oh yes, summer vacation and the annual trip to Norway. But wasn't there...

...a hole in the roof to the upper level of this house?...

...and a lovely bed to fool around in?

Out on the sea there were lots of sea birds, here a Tern.

And if you go really, really far out in the Atlantic sea, this cute fella literarily runs to meet you (provided you have something tasty like fish).

The Northern Fulmar is the northern hemisphere's Albatross if not that big, only about a meter in wing span and more or less and entirely unafraid of you.

Even if we didn't know that yet, the weather was lousy and would follow us the entire "summer" or whatever you could call it. During our week we had 10-15 degrees Celsius and saw the sun only once - during the last five minutes before sunset when it shone beneath the clouds.

Below the surface this plastic looking fish stayed put when approaching, a Lumpsucker famous for its roe.

(16/7) Things you find when getting back home, the caterpillar of a Puss Moth.

(20-24/7) Haven't we seen that bird before somewhere else?

Or this one?

Ahh, it is only Manne, Morran and Gruff stretching their wings in a spare cage.

(30/7) Birds we see from our plot at home, Red-backed Shrike.

(5/8) More insects, the Musk beetle having a body up to three cm long...

...and a Wart-biter, also large, around 4.5 cm.

(17-19/8) Searching for the summer, we went back to the summer house in vain.

Even if the sun came forward, it never got really hot, irritating to say the least.

(26/8) Summertime is about to end and this is far from a warm cosy August evening.

Here you can see the latest addition to the aviary, a small roof.

But hey, it's raining! Let's get a shower!


(28/8) See, what did we tell you? There is ice on the windshield!!!

Even more wild birds next to our house, the Black Woodpecker!

and Chanterelles just outside our fence.

(9/8) Holy cows, we finally got some neighbours! Can you also move our lawn?

(14-16/9) Autumn again and more time indoors. When we got Victoria she could barely walk and had severe issues with climbing on the cage bars even if horizontal. That has improved a lot...

Maybe too much...

Hey, stop that!...

...and come down!

Not that way! Down!

Haven't you mother told you not to play with fire?

Are you listening?!

Obviously not, let's bring you down!

This weekend had one of this summer's warmest days and we are now in mid September...

Autumn also means moulting season.

A tiresome period when all excitement and aggressiveness disappear.

(20/9) More large caterpillars, Goat Moth...

... and a Bedstraw Hawk-Moth.

(26/9) Yet another day when we have to stay out late when the big ones are busy running around the plot fixing things.

(28-30/9) Moonlight, calmness, fog on the water.

And we are still out. Not that bad when the weather finally is decent compared to the summer period.

All by a sudden, Victoria decided to go for a stroll and found this sawhorse in the sun to sit on.

Unlike the other birds sitting in the aviary eating, Victoria can move freely.


The journey continues over October - December.