(5/4) Happy Easter! Warm weather and sun!?

Nope! This picture was captured March 28 at 19:00.

It was cold rainy and the sun was about to go beyond the horizon. However, we needed the picture and the weather forecast said something about snow? They were correct as you can see some pictures higher up.

This was also Gruff and Mannes first time outside and even when the weather was lousy to say the least, they took the opportunity to poke around in the soil.

(5-9/4) Easter weekend and time to open the summer house! The snow went away, but the northern wind was freezing. There was no warmth at all and we could only stay out for an hour or two during mid-day.

And those hours were wonderful.

Common Crane, back from Africa.

Whooper Swan in action.

And one of ours, Victoria...

(10/4) Back home warming up after that cold weekend.

(12/4) Remember this one, the Eurasian Bullfinch? Swedish Wikipedia confirms our view. You normally see them during the winter when they come to feed on the seeds we provide outside the house. During the summer they are hard to see when they are out in the forest.

The problem is that we still see them... Obviously we live in the forest...

The king of birds, the Goldcrest is another typical forest dweller being right outside our door. The Swedish name is king bird and refers to the yellow patch, crown, on the forehead. We think the name qualifies for another reason, it is Europe's smallest bird having a weight of 5-6 grams and it stays in Sweden during the winter!

(27/4-2/5) Finally some warmth when we visit the summerhouse!

Not summer like, but warm enough for a shower.

Afterwards we are tired and look cute.

Common Snipe, the two feathers on the side of the tail are used to create a strange sound when it dives during its mating flight.

Make way!

Whooper Swan in action again. We see them and hear their hooting all the time.

Reed Bunting is another common bird at the summerhouse.

A crow enjoying the evening sun.

And an Arctic Tern. Imagine that this bird stays near the South Pole during the winter.

Common Merganser, female.

And Victoria scratching her chin.

This picture was done during much better conditions. Finally, March was fairly warm, but since then the weather has been cold and grey.

This is what summer is all about, being out and poking around in the soil!

Guess the picture says it all...

Even Youschi bite off small pieces of wood.

(1/5) Back home again, can I stay with you?

(14/5) Soon time for apple blossom?

(16-20/5) It has been a cold spring, but today it got better. Time for a shower...


Fia was in a hurry and took a face wash in the water bowl.

We have said it earlier this spring, being outside IS tiresome. It keeps us busy and is healthy and natural!

Look at my wings; I can't even hold them up!

(21/5) Remember us? We are back again!

(22/5) Apple blossom!

(23/5) Spotted Flycatcher, we have two pairs nesting on our buildings.

(1/6) The Eurasian Bullfinch is still around.

Great Spotted Woodpecker, let me in, I'm tired of this rainy summer!

(4/6) No asphalt and the road is in full bloom.

(8-10/6) A Common Crane lurking in the reeds.

And an Osprey resting.

(21-24/6) Regardless of what's outside, we are sleeping safely inside.

(30/6) So, what's this?! A new summerhouse for us? A place for us to stretch out our wings, enjoy the warmth from the sun and feel the wind and rain in our feathers? Exactly so, here you can enjoy the summer when we are at home and the weather is decent. We will bring you in at bedtime.

The aviary entirely built of 1.2 by 1.8 meters sections, is 7.2 by 6.0 meters wide and 2.0-2.2 meters high. 43.2 square meters, that's bigger than many smaller apartments...

Victoria who cannot fly stays in the anteroom connecting to the other two. She got the smallest room, 2.4 by 3.6 meters. Notice the double net towards the others. Door sections are for practical reasons instead covered with PET plastic sheets. Sometimes hormones awake the devil in them and they will bite each other's feets when climbing the net.

Fia's and Youschi's room has the same size as the two areas at the summerhouse combined, 3.6 meters square.

Hi there! This was not bad at all! More of the double net in the background...

And finally, the largest in the flock, Gruff, Manne and Morran got most of the space, 6.0 by 3.6 meters, 21.6 square meters. That should be enough for them to fool around and chasing each other.

The aviary is not finished. We prioritized getting them out and will later on add more things.

The journey continues over July - September!