(7-9/10) It's getting darker and the full moon is impressive.

The sun losing its warmth and leaving the sky early in the afternoon. Darkness along with that we moult results in us being much calmer. The big ones say that this must be the best time of the year to do a move when we stay put in our cages and often refuse to come out even if allowed.

(16/10) Ok, I'm out, but this lawn is waaay too big for me. COME BACK AND GET ME ! ! !

(21-23/10) Remember Gruff's old birthday stump? It's still there, just outside the large cage.

As we said, moulting is tiresome...


...and the sun hanging low on the sky.

Even when inside, we prefer to sit still.

(4-6/11) In early November they decided to close the summer house for 2011. Even if the weather still was warm, they realised that the following weekends must be spent 100% on getting into the new house. Sad when it meant that the summer in every aspect was over, but necessary.

Coriander, can I also have some?

(13/11) So this is their new kitchen? Not impressed when there are too many scary birds outside the window.

This is more my style, this one I recognise! Something about not touching...

(16/11) This was impressive, we have our own shower! When they use water from the tap, we can shower for as long as we want.

(22/11) This autumn has been strange when it still feels like if late September with flowers blooming.

(4/12) Ok, we are getting used to the small rascals outside the window.

(11/12) Third Sunday of Advent and the flower is still up!

(13/12) Even if a bit cramped, they have toys for us in the kitchen.

(18/12) Fourth Sunday of Advent, snow falling and the flower is finally about to wither. This has been the strangest autumn for more than a century.

(24/12) So this is Christmas Eve, where's the white stuff?

At least not outdoors... The flower seems to have died from the last nights' temperature below zero. But wait, what's in the background?

Another flower about to burst into bloom!

Never mind, it's time for Christmas dinner!

And after that relaxing when the big ones socialize.

Go away!

(25/12) Christmas Day and a walk in the forest. Is this normal? Mushrooms alive and well?

Or flowers?

A Java Sparrow, under the newspaper in the cage? Aren't you supposed to keep parrots only?

(26/12) Boxing Day and almost midnight - check out the outside temperature!

(27/12) Darn, you found me!

The storm called Dagmar had its fun during the night and knocked down the old apple tree. The night before it went hard on a spruce.

(30/12) Still growing...

(31/12) One benefit of living on the countryside is the unlimited support of fresh twigs.

The journey continues over 2012!