(31/3-3/4) This Easter we went to Skåne to help our friend with her new veterinary clinic that was to open Tuesday after Easter. You can spot the clinic's six windows behind the car.

The clinic is located in Jakriborg southwest of Lund. It will only take care of exotic animals, i.e. no cats or dogs, only birds, lizards, turtles, rabbits, rodents and alike. This is their homepage called Fågelkliniken.

Easter is among others about feathers, so when we were visiting Cecilia in her new clinic, we also took the opportunity to do something about Victoria's feathers. As you can see, she has no wing or tail feathers. Her problem is that she breaks them before they are fully-grown; this is when she has no other feathers next to that can support the growing ones.

Therefore, we once more grafted feathers from our other birds onto some of her broken ones; they will support the new feathers when they grow. Time will tell if this will be a success.

After almost an hour, it was time to wake up from the narcosis. Good morning!

(11/4) More nice weather to be out!

Victoria also got some time outside.

(18/4) Finally, Gruff and Manne came out to see the sun. When snow still is blocking the road to the summerhouse, it is hard to bring them all out at once.

(19/4) We promise, this is the last group picture from last year (21/11), next weekend we hope to go to the country house and if the sun is out, it should be outdoors for the birds. Until then!

(25/4) Another day out. This time, Morran and Gruff.

(30/4-2/5) This year it almost became May before we got to the summerhouse.

The road was blocked by snow, but when we got to the house, the snow was gone since long and all crocus flowers had ceased flowering.

Never mind, it was great to be out again!

Simply sitting in the sun.

And when the sun went down, be indoors and look out.

More pictures...

And even more...

Simply lovely.

(5/5) This was far from a great day...

For unknown reasons, they forgot to close the cage when they left for work in the morning.

They will never know when we actually got out, but we got quite busy...

Afterwards they think they were lucky when we only destroyed cheap or easily replaceable things. Like this network cable that still work.

Or the small rubber plugs that we left undestroyed on the floor after remowing them from the laptop.

An old mouse mat.

The iPod cable, they already had a spare.

Cardboard boxes.

Pen and paper.

The IKEA lamp.

CD’s only dropped on the floor and not damaged.


The 2.5" hard drive cover.

Major damage, the charger for the Nokia phone €20. Still it was fixed by replacing the contact for much less.

Keys hanging at the entrance and a parcel voucher. Luckily all necessary data was still readable.


The biggest challenge for them was the surprise when they tired after a day at the office came home and we attacked them before they understood what had happened. It took some time for them to catch us and then to realize what we had destroyed. Even when they realized that nothing expensive or irreplaceable was destroyed, it took almost a month before they finally had found everything we had played with. Except what you see above, a silicone casing for some headphones had chew marks.

They were extremely fortunate, expensive camera equipment, a brand new laptop, books and many other things were unharmed. Boring stuff, we went for colorful and soft things.

Newer try this at home folks!

(7-9/5) The summerhouse again.

Come down from the bed Morran!

Victoria is supposed to grow new feathers and not to break them. Therefore, she has a specially built cage where she cannot climb or get her feathers stuck between the bars. She is also "grounded" and not allowed to climb into high places where she can fall and break the blood pens.

(12-16/5) What's this???

This year's first group picture!

What about Fia? You might remember that she doesn't accept the harness. This is what we do now. Victoria's Plexiglas box and Photoshop.

Gruff's old stump.

Freshly sprung Blueberry shoots.

Lots of things to taste and chew on, much better than the stuff we found when we escaped from the cage a couple of weeks ago.

Wow! A cage? For us? Wonder what the neighbors in the surrounding trees will think about our small house...

(21-23/5) Now we're talking! A shower outdoors in the sun, this is great fun!

The first day in the new cage, scary? Not at all!

It consists of two rooms, one 3.6m x 2.4m for Gruff, Manne and Morran and one smaller, 1.2m x 3.6m, for Fia and Youschi. Victoria is still "grounded".

However, Youschi has nothing against being indoors somewhere a bit out of the way. Like this shelf.

(28-30/5) Victoria is not fond of being on the ground and tries to reach higher grounds. For example the top of the new cage where all the others reside during daytime when we are at the house.

Hmm, can I climb on this rough surface? Nope.

Maybe if I climb on a nearby tree?

Almost high enough...

Darn! I'm too heavy :o(

Let's try something different...

Maybe if I instead bend the tree towards the bamboo rod...

Great view, but now what? Isn't there something behind that Birch?

Ah, this small tree is the solution!

They didn't let me, so I went for the next best thing, a close by juniper tree. Not that high, but gives you some shelter.

(4-6/6) Grounded...

Happy birthday! Gruff 3/6, Morran 6/6 and Victoria 8/6.

(18-20/6) This year we are at the summerhouse more or less every weekend. This is what Fia and Youschi do...

...And this is Gruff. Do you notice the difference?

Another active bird is Victoria. She likes to climb around when she cannot fly. Exercising is great; the drawback is that she destroys her new feathers.

(24-27/6) Summer and taking a shower.

Manne is more like a fish than a bird when we talk about taking a shower. He really plunges into it and gets soaking wet.

The journey continues over July - September!