(8-15/7) It is time for our annual trip visiting friends and bird breeders. We saw many beautiful birds, but also strange birds. This picture shows a Blue Fronted Amazon parrot (Amazona aestiva aestiva), can you see any blue?

Or this gentleman. He used to be normally coloured and only when wet you saw some speckles. Now at age 15+ there is lots of red everywhere. What species? The same as above, a healthy Blue Fronted...

Morran took some time of visiting the same location as Gobi did many years ago, the beach at Tylösand outside Halmstad...

...And as for Gobi, it was windy...

More Blue Fronted, this time young chicks.

When travelling with birds it is cheapest to stay at youth hostels.

And as always, the birds pollute their surroundings and every morning we had to clean the place thoroughly...

During the trip we also went for a few days to Denmark, here you see the Great Belt Fixed Link between Fyn and Själland.

Yet another youth hostel.

(17-19/7) Finally at home again we once more went to the summerhouse to regain strength and fix the plumage...

...But what is this? It is not Manne who gets the treatment, it is Morran!

Gruff is always the first to start playing and also the last to stop.

His energy reserves seem to be infinite.

(25/7) At last we are at home again and Gruff continues to play with his foraging toys.

I finally got it! Chilli fruit, give me a kiss!

(26/7) With age comes curiosity and hooliganism. Now we have yet another.

(28/7-1/8) Summerhouse again, is it possible for two birds to sit in the same ring?

Maybe if they both are still, tell Gruff that!

A new toy, and cheap! Sticks for starting a fire, about 500 of them for 30SEK at Biltema is a bargain.

To chew on them is one thing, but you can also build toys with them, don't forget to dye them.

A summer picture. Oops, we forgot Victoria!

(21-23/8) Well here she is again, as you can see she lacks feathers and has a red back.

(26/8) Gobi, we still miss you!

(1-9/9) It's time for the trip to Norway scuba diving. A one way trip of 1000km and thirteen hours. Luckily we are all used to travelling and Victoria seems also to accept it and went together with Morran. As you can see, we had a smaller spare cage for backup.

New unknown dangers were lurking in Norway...

Give me a kiss!


(9-13/9) After Norway, we once more regained strength at the summerhouse. Travelling and on top of that scuba diving is exhausting.

Slowly Victoria gets more and more unafraid; her curiosity is a strong driving force.

(18-20/9) Hey! We do not want to sit here in the middle of the lawn!

Food? Ok then we can stay, for a while...

Victoria likes to play with fir cones.

And suddenly she sits on the hand! It seems now that it is more of her not wanting to step up on the hand, than being afraid of it.

Some more pictures.

Hopefully she will regain her feathers in the future.

Who are you?

(27/9) After a shower it is easy to see the amount of new feathers that are coming. In other words, we are moulting!

The journey continues over October - December.