(3/4) The weather now gives us temperatures warm enough too be out.

(4/4) This day Gruff came with us when we where out bird watching.

Fia was at home doing IT. When she looks like a check mark, is totally stiff, makes strange sounds and does not respond if you touch her (normally impossible), then she is having a go...

(9-13/4) This year's first trip to the summer house, as you can see the ice is still there.

This doesn't bother Manne and Gruff who mate and share food, yummy!

A new hooligan is in town, Morran!

Morran on display together with some newly sprung crocus.

A slightly different reaction from the boys...

We better let them be around the old tree stump to save our neighbour's flowers.

What is Morran doing? Playing around on the lawn. There are many interesting things to explore, among others, dirt.

Hey, we are getting tired, time to go indoors and have some food!

Nope, this is fun!

Watch little me in the big forest.

(20/4) Fia had some fun with our toilet paper. Visiting the loo will be interesting for a while...

(25/4) The summer house once more, and flowers, and another picture taken. She is a lady you know.

The boys are having a snack in the tree.

Gruff playing with a toilet paper roll. This model is fun when it consists of a plastic part in the end.

(30/4) This time when we came to the summer house something odd happened. When we opened the car doors and we started to listen to the song from the birds in the forest, we soon realised that it sounded wrong. Yes, the normal sound was there, but on top of that it also sounded like if in a pet shop!

Around us in the trees sat many parrots! Someone must have let them go or they had escaped from an aviary.

We counted six budgies and at least two cockatiels and two other bigger parakeets. They where all happy about being free and at the same time desperately searching for food.

They are not used to foraging in the wild and they eat seeds that do not exist in the end of April.

In the end we caught three of the budgies on day two. When in a temporarily made cage again they ate, let some go and ate again. After that, we never heard or saw anything from the remaining birds. We have been in contact with the Police, the nearby zoo and grocery stores in the area, none of them have any idea from where the birds origin.

(1/5) Almost summer.

(10/5) Morran takes her chance to eat some newly sprung flowers when we are out on a walk.

Cherry blossom

(15-17/5) Another weekend at the summerhouse, dinner is over and it is time for a nap.

(20-24/5) A close up at the boys when out investigating the nature in front of the house.

Morran experienced something a companion pet parrot is not used to, rain from the sky and it never stops!

Fia is inside and still in the middle of the mating period - making strange poses and sounds is part of the daily routine.

This day Manne completely lost it...

...Poking around in the soil and throwing away sticks and leafs was really fun!

He more or less levelled out everything living.

After that hard labour a shower is needed.

Chewing is part of a parrots needs, this is how it looks after a few hours of prying and nibbling.

(31/5) We have a new girl in the flock, say hello to Victoria!

(5-7/6) We had no plans for a sixth bird, but we could not say no to Victoria. She is two days younger than Morran and from a breeder in Denmark. She is not used to humans and not tame. Here future was far from bright when her life started with her father biting off all her wing and tail feathers. The result was that she could not fly and hence, stay together with other young birds. Even when the breeder took her inside and kept her in a separate cage during the winter, she was unsuccessful in getting new feathers. The problem was that she destroyed them before they were fully developed when hitting things.

So her future as a breeding parrot was gone and there were two solutions, to put her down or to make her a companion pet parrot. We saw a challenge in trying to help her, both from a medical perspective and the fact that she was not tame, on top of that she is also of a rare species seldom seen as acompanion pet parrot, a Bodini Amazon (Amazona festiva bodini).

So here she is following the flock on its adventures to the summerhouse.

(6/6) Happy birthday Morran! One year, now you are a big girl and it is hard to understand how small you were when we first saw you.

(18-21/6) Victoria is not tame, and her experiences with other birds are not so good when they treated her in a bad way when she was young. Still, she is and reacts as a bird and makes contact with Gruff, Manne and Morran. Fia and Youschi do not turn to other birds, only humans.

When we soon will go to Norway it is important that Victoria can accept other birds when there is no room for a separate cage for her. Morran got the task to find some kind of relation with Victoria. Must say she is quite successful.

Even though, Morran wants her own time, here relaxing and preening without Victoria.

(23/6) What's this? You can never guess!

The journey continues over July - September!