He sits alone huddled in a cramped dirty cage. He did not choose to be here, at one time he had freedom. That was long ago, in his book of life a long gone page. He had a full life, trees, the wind under his wings pools of water, flocks of friends. He was a king once, long ago in his home land far away. He was captured one day, in a net, now he's here to stay never again to be free, to fly, to have companionship, or to explore.

The smugglers resigned him to his fate, evermore. He has had many homes, after sitting unwanted months in a pet store. They bought him for his beauty, but they all failed to recognize the beauty inside.

He preens his dull shabby feathers, he can hardly move them, for in the small cage his wings are too wide. He looks dully around him from all hope removed eyes. He gives up on a home that will love and care for him, and where they would talk about him with pride.

He looks listlessly at the cup of dirty water and the dirty sunflower seeds, crawling with moths inside.He longs for a home that will love him, and give him a nice roomy cage.

Long ago his hope faded, and depression replaced his rage. He longed for toys, bright colors, and space, fresh fruit and vegetables too. He would try so hard to be good, if they just gave him a chance he would show them he was loveable, smart, and a beauty, he could preen his feathers like new.

Through no fault of his own he was here, in a pet store once again. No one had made the commitment, or taken the responsibility which was not his sin. They grew tired of having a parrot, their unreasonable expectations, he could not live up to.

Instead of loving him for what he was and making him a family member true, they dumped him in a store, to exist in misery through no fault of his own.

It was on this Thanksgiving Day, he gave up hope of having a family. He was sick and it was left untreated, he could hardly breathe. Depressed and without hope, despondent as could be, he closed his eyes one last time and off to freedom he flew to have a flock of friends, companionship at last.

His dreams were finally realized and this in his heart he knew, no one could take it away. This time it was permanent.

He found his final peace, his eluding happiness, yes, this time he was truly and forever for all eternity, free to fly the heavens, to finally find the love that surrounded him, coming from above.

anonymous author